This Code outlines the minimum ethical standards that we, Finestream Finance Group Pty. Ltd. trading as Finestream Finance, demands for ourselves, at all times.

We hereby promise to:

Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements – we will also ensure we maintain a clear and comprehensive understanding of these laws and regulations, updating our knowledge as and when changes occur.

Maintain client confidentiality in all dealings – any personal or company information divulged by a client, whether financial or otherwise, will be considered absolutely confidential. Such information will be passed on to other parties only with the client’s express permission in order to complete specifically requested transactions.

Avoid all conflicts of interest – this will of course include the provision of all product advice and the subsequent receipt of commissions. All recommendations given to clients will be fully substantiated and proven to be in their best interests.

And above all, act with honesty and integrity – this applies to absolutely everything we do or say – in the advice we provide, written communication, advertising, our financial dealings and customer applications.

Adherence to this Code will not only protect Finestream Finance’s reputation, it will also have a highly positive effect on our entire industry. Through our professional behaviour and service, the public’s trust and confidence in mortgage brokers is sure to rise, leading to an enhanced standing for all.