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7 things to know about the 2022 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is the best selling Ute in Australia, and has been named Car Sales Best Dual Cab 4×4 Ute for 2021. So it’s always a bit exciting when the newest edition of the Ranger is unveiled. Ford have recently unveiled their 2022 Next-Generation Ford Ranger and it’s looking epic! Ford love a ‘big reveal’, you can watch their Next-Generation reveal here.

We have narrowed down the highlights reel to a list of the top 7 things to know about the 2022 Ford Ranger (in our opinion). When you hear that Ford has worked hard at becoming customer-centric with their changes and additions, working with customers in over 180 countries, plus with the vehicles being designed and engineered in Australia, it’s going to be very exciting to see this beast roll out in 2022.

Here we go, 7 things to know about the 2022 Ford Ranger.

1. More Power! 

While Ford is keeping exact power figures under wraps, new powertrain options for the 2022 Ranger will serve the Australian market as a more capable vehicle for towing.

New V6 engine (including a turbo-diesel V6) is the first application in a mid-sized truck. Previously experienced in its overseas application, the engine’s power outputs are more closely compared to the Volkswagen Amarok – the only other V6 in the segment.

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel returns in twin and single turbo applications.

It’s exciting to note, the 10-speed transmission (also found in the new Toyota 300-series Landcruiser) returns! It’s a great gearbox and we really enjoy the truck-like ratios that always keep the vehicle in the powerband.

The Ranger will also be available with a 6-speed automatic in lower-tiered models.
Ford Ranger dirt road

2. Longer Wheelbase

This is a significant step in increasing the capabilities of the Ranger, off-road and on. The track has been increased by 50mm (now only 100mm narrower than the out-going Raptor) and the wheelbase has been extended 50mm in the front to improve approach angles.

The suspension geometry goes far beyond a simple tweak. Rear dampers have been moved outboard, resulting in a more consistently comfortable ride that lacks the bounce and unstable nature of a modern ute when not carrying a load around. The suspension has been tuned to offer a comfortable ride when carrying a load or just dropping the kids at school.

On top of that, the 2022 Ranger finally applies four-wheel disc brakes, something that was previously reserved for the Raptor. The traditional IFS front end and live axle rear remain, with coil springs reserved for the Everest and Raptor.

3. Designed tough, but for the future

The exterior of the new Ranger is shared with the rest of the global truck lineup. In many cases, customers wanted their Ranger to look more like the F-150 counterpart that we currently don’t have access to here in Australia. The wider stance combined with prominent grille structures and new ‘C-clamp’ style headlights achieve this look, and the vehicle is already looking like a modified truck owners vehicle of choice.

The new bold shoulder line, front bonnet, and bolder wheel arch design places the Next-Gen Ranger somewhere between the out-going narrow bodies of Ranger and Raptor. All-in-all, this is the toughest looking dual-cab in its class (bar Raptor) and that’s without any accessories!

4. Ford Partnered with ARB in Australia

Ford announced a partnership with ARB 4×4 Australia earlier in the year and the Ranger looks to become a key part of the exercise. ARB will officially offer a range of accessories available from participating Ford dealers that are covered by full Ford Australia’s New Vehicle Warranty of up to five years / unlimited kilometres.

Modifying your Ranger is a big part of ownership for most customers, and the brand understands such. Customers will be able to accessorise their vehicle with a range of almost 600 fully factory-backed work, urban and adventure accessories. Many of which are designed in collaboration with ARB 4×4.
Ford Ranger big screen

5. Big Touch Screen

The screen in the new Ranger is HUGE. Designers took customer feedback into consideration and understood the hate surrounding the ‘add-on’ style screens in many modern cars that look more like a convenient afterthought than an addition.

Screen sizes include a factory 10.1-inch or upgraded 12-inch touchscreen in the centre stack. This complements the fully digital gauge cluster and comes loaded with SYNC4 offering voice-activated communication and all the information you could possibly want from your Ranger. Additionally, there’s an embedded factory-fitted modem, allowing connectivity on the go when linked with the FordPass app, so you can stay connected and download software updates over the air.

6. Tailgate workbench

We can’t get enough of this one! The tailgate has an integrated workbench that features a ruler, G-Clamp points and even a cupholder. We’re not sure how many tradies and DIY’ers actually utilise their Ranger as a dedicated workbench, but we think it’s a pretty cool addition to the rear of the vehicle and a smart way to turn a typically wasted space into something handy.
Ford Ranger work bench

7. Ready for dual batteries

Ford hasn’t given the public the chance to jump under the bonnet of the new Ranger just yet, but 4WD fans will undoubtedly appreciate the integration of a dual battery tray into the vehicle from the factory. This space will allow you room to set up a deep cycle system that powers external lights, fridges, and any other accessories you might want to throw at it.

While this basic dual battery system won’t replace a quality 12V setup with solar panels etc. it’s enough to set up the average adventurer for a few days out in the bush. Just another example of Ford taking customer feedback onboard.

All in all. we are impressed with the new additions to the 2022 Next-Generation Ford Ranger. Want a complete look at the new Ranger? View here.

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