Finestream Capital is an independently owned Finance Brokerage firm offering simple, honest motor vehicle purchasing solutions.

Company History


Finestream Capital was started in Adelaide in 2011 by Matthew Ford.

Matt was working in the finance industry and had a less than enjoyable experience when buying a new car from a local dealership.

He realised if that was the experience that he had when buying a car, surely others had the same, and he put together the foundation of Finestream, a vehicle purchasing partner offering a simple, honest alternative to traditional methods of purchasing a car.

Underpinned by the FIND l BUY l SUPPORT model, Finestream Capital grew to be able to offer a solution to every aspect of the vehicle purchasing process, removing the need for multiple parties to be engaged across multiple markets.

Simplifying the car buying process down to a T.

We offer customers a new level of service by incorporating every aspect of their needs when buying a new car into one simple, personal, and professional service.

Catering to the business and consumer markets, we hold accreditations with a diverse panel of lending institutions which ensures our customers are provided with the best possible finance option for their situation.

Our mantra is to develop clients for life. Ensuring they are partnered with a Finestream Broker who can assist them with any lending requirements they have, and providing a highly personalised service along the way.

Today, Finestream Capital continues to grow. With strong connections in the car industry and the finance industry, Finestream is able to provide its customers with cost effective and simple vehicle solutions, wherever they are in the country.

Our Brand Promise

To time poor people who are buying a car, Finestream is the perfect partner because of our simplified purchasing model and personalised service.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading vehicle purchasing partner.